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We offer many different activities here at Peterson Colonial Homes.
We take pride in being active in our community! We have weekly
lunch outings at such restaurants as Panda Buffet, Pizza Hut, Arby's,
Sammy's Pizza, Gordy's and so many more. We often go to the
movie theater and bowling with lunch provided.
We have weekly shopping trips to various malls and department
stores. There is local fishing in the area and is within walking distance
from both of our homes for summer and winter fishing!

We offer seasonal activities including trips to Valley Fair, the State
Fair, Twins games, Hockey games, and even the Mall of America.

In addition to all of the activities offered around our community we
also offer many on-site recreational activities. We have a fitness area
that includes an elliptical machine, treadmill, and weight machine. We
have a billiards table and table tennis on-site.

We also have a work program we offer our residents. It is considered
a day program offered in Floodwood, which is only a few miles away
and offers our residents a variety of jobs both on location and in the
community. Some of the jobs include recycling, lawn mowing, snow
shoveling, crafts, janitorial, and delivering meals to seniors.

These are just a few of the activities we offer here at Peterson
Colonial Homes. Please
contact us today to learn more.
Colonial Homes, Inc.

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Brookston, MN 55711
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Activities at Peterson Colonial Homes