Housing with Services in Brookston, MN

Are you interested in quiet, country living with a focus of going out for all types of fun and excitement in the community?

With scheduled outings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there will always be something to do!

From lunch outings to shopping to basketball and bowling, we continually strive to be on the go as much as we can. We believe physical activity and simply getting out to experience a variety of life promotes mental health and wellness.

We also have special outings every year like Valley Fair, The MN State Fair, fishing trips and even MN Twins games! We’re always looking for new things to try, so all ideas are welcome!

All of our fun in the community are planned, staffed and paid by Colonial Homes. You bring your money for the little extras or just enjoy on us!

We are licensed by the Department of Heath for a) Comprehensive Home Care and b) Housing with Services for Assisted Living. We also hold a license from the Department of Human Services for Customized Living and a 245D license for independent living services as we provide IHS and ILS services to support people living in their own home or apartment. Our goal working with you will be that you live and thrive in a place with as much support or assistance that you choose.